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KIS: Progressively Decoupled Drupal, The EASY Way

Updated: May 10, 2019

#TODO: this post is still being composed....

I am a big believer in Keeping It as a Tech Entrepreneur has taught me that over-engineering has a big cost, so i am going to outline a simple method to Progressively Decouple Drupal, The Easy Way!

...using pure javascript & html, using a small code snippet, inside an existing Full HTML Drupal Editor Body, out of the box Front End Drupal functionality, without the need to write an actual module to load your javascript in the backend with PHP.

Notice where the application is decoupled and how "The Top Buzzwords Today" sections, in the DOM canvas div area is lazy loaded on the fly using the relatively new Fetch AJAX call; Experience live here: Screenshots below;

Nice, right? So how did i actually do it? this:

I am going to provide code examples using Pure JavaScript, and the actual decoupling method...

Example Code: <pre><!-- Progressively Decoupled Dashboard --><!-- Style --> <link href="" rel="stylesheet" /><!-- BZFACE Magic Div --> <div class="main-container container" id="bzface" role="main">&nbsp;</div><!-- Load Dark Magic --> <script src=""></script><script type="text/javascript"> var app_type = "d8"; // set decoupled app type logic // bzHome(); // init home bzSituation(); // init Situation of The World </script><!-- End --></pre> #TODO: write more about this...and give code example. fact, if done right, you can decouple / couple any web cms to this pure js approach... And now that i have Progressively Decoupled i am one step closer to fully Decoupling Drupal for the purpose of deploying multiple heads in a Headless Drupal Architecture. Take a look at a preview of my fully decoupled beta Front End here, let me know what you think:

In my case, Decoupling my application , will reduce my costs by an estimated 50%! <read more about that here> in fact, if done right, you can decouple / couple any web cms to this pure js approach Fully Decoupled vs Progressively Decoupled* what i lost, what i gained* interface control in admin area vs hand coded app* CMS interface for managing contentconclusion: in a microservice world, progressively decoupled wins when mini apps can live in a powerful wrapper

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